Where In The World....

Where In The World Is The Class Of 1963

So we are well into the summer of 2019.  You may have already travelled some or may have a trip planned.  I know of fellow classmates that have been to Portugal, Iceland, and took a tour to see Polar Bears.  More locally, one classmate is currently visiting Seattle.  I lived there for five years while in graduate school. 

Anyway, whether you're travelling abroad or just around the states, why not share your trip with your classmates.  Provide a brief description and a picture or two and send to any one of the administrators listed below.  We will post it and let everyone know how to navigate to the information if not on the Home Page.

Personally, my wife and I are off to the Dalmatian Coast in September and I'll provide a short synopsis (2-4 sentences) and include a pic or two upon out return.

Tom Snyder 

Becky and I and friends toured most of Italy in October of this year. We were amazed by the beauty and history of Italy. We will continue to experience other areas in Europe. We took a land and sea cruise in Alaska last year, that we enjoyed very much. It is great to be retired and have time to travel.

Les and Elizabeth Ehrsam

We took our summer trip early this year with a three week visit to Australia during March/April.  We worked our way around the continent and took in as much as we could since I doubt we will ever return.

Thanks, Les