Restaurants of the Past

Steve Heine: 

My aunt Rosemary Logue was the hostess at the State Char King store for many years. She lived around the corner for probably 30 or so years.


Many of us have moved out of the area, but we may remember some favorite restaurants from the past.  Two of these are the Char King Restaurant on West State and the Pizza Hut in the Northcrest Shopping Mall.   

The Char-King Drive Up Restaurant opened in 1955 and was a popular restaurant during the 50s”and 60s.” It was famous for charcoal hamburgers and pies.  Regrettably, the site will now support another strip mall.

 The Pizza Hut chain, one of the first chains in Fort Wayne, was owned by Richard Freeland, a local entrepreneur.  At one time he owned 48 restaurants in Indiana.  One of those restaurants located in the Northcrest Shopping Mall closed recently.

Provided by Don Elbrecht