2019 July Newsletter


INTRODUCTION:  The newsletter committee would like to thank classmates who have sent ideas, jokes, or other communications in for publication.  This is your newsletter, and the committee looks forward to your input. Please send any ideas, school pictures, or questions you may have to Steve Heine, or Pat Lewton Horoho.

JUNE RIVERBOAT CRUISE:  32 people joined the Riverboat Cruise on June 17 touring the St. Marys and St. Joseph Rivers.  Mark Meyer, the docent, spent 1 ½ hours entertaining us with stories about Fort Wayne. 

Some interesting facts Mark shared…

  •  The statue of Major General Henry Lawton is located at Lakeside Park, not Lawton Park.
  • Fort Wayne was the original capital of the Miami Nation, which was known as Kekionga.
  • Fort Wayne came into existence because it was the point that necessitated the fewest miles traveled by land from the Great Lakes to reach the Gulf of Mexico. Care to comment?  Just send an email to Steve Heine.
  • William Wells, a prominent soldier and Indian agent, ran a band of spies on his property. The trail used by the spies became known as “Spy Run.”
  • Fort Wayne had a professional baseball team that provided entertainment to the residents near the turn of the century.  Following are some facts:

o   Cy Young and Babe Ruth both played ball at the site now known as Headwaters Park.

o   The first night game by a professional team was played June 1883 claims Fort Wayne. According to the docent, baseball fans said the game will never be played under lights. 

Please send any other interesting facts about Fort Wayne or North Side so we can share them with other classmates.

PROMENADE PARK:  Northeast Indiana received over thirteen inches of rain this spring.  Therefore, many events have been cancelled or delayed.  One of these events, the opening of Promenade Park scheduled for June 21, has been moved to August 9.   Click on link Promenade Park for more information.

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NORTH SIDE ALUMNI UPDATE:  Would you like to join the NSHS Alumni Association?  It is only $15 a year.  If you join, you will receive copies of the Totem to keep you current with news about North Side.  If interested, call Mike Morris at 260-471-4499 or email him at nshsaa@gmail.com.

GET TOGETHER:  The next 1963 NSHS Redskins get together is scheduled for Saturday, October 5th, 1:00 p.m., Don Hall’s Guest House, 1313 Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne, IN.  Please notify Steve Heine by phone at 260-417-1963 or email at heine4019@hotmail.com  by September 16 for reservations.

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