Fort Wayne Information

Several links to websites about Fort Wayne and the area are included below.  Please visit the sites to find out what is happening in your hometown.

Visit Downtown Fort Wayne (NEW):

Click on the link below to view a virtual tour of downtown Fort Wayne.

360 Virtual Tour of Fort Wayne

Electric Works:

General Electric at one point in history was one of the largest employers in Fort Wayne employing more than 20,000 people.  It downsized to less than 100 employees before it closed in 2015.  Now a developer, along with the city, is heading up a project called Electric Works to bring the GE campus back to life.  Its vision is to develop an "Innovation, culture, and community that is seamlessly integrated with other downtown development projects currently underway."  Please visit the website by clicking on the link below to find out more about the project. 

Fort Wayne Electric Works

Trip Advisor::

Before visiting Fort Wayne, check out the website below.  It will explain what is happening in the arts, outdoor activities, family fun, music, sports, downtown, and in the community. 

Trip Advisor

Riverfront Development:

"Riverfront Fort Wayne is an initiative that envisions a revitalized downtown riverfront area."  Northeast Indiana has a rich history with its three rivers - St. Mary's, St. Joseph, and Maumee rivers- beginning in 1697 when the French built a fort in the area.  The city is revisiting this heritage along with developing activities around the three rivers.  To learn more about the development projects, click on the link below.

Riverfront Fort Wayne

Sweet Breeze:

Sweet Breeze, Fort Wayne's authentic canal boat replica, offers tours in the summer.  It is a 90-minute ride with an interpreter who will share the rich history of our three rivers. Click on the link below to find out more about the boat rides.

Sweet Breeze

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo:

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo opened in 1965, and it has become a very popular site to visit  in the summer.  In 2009 it reached the distinction of being one of the top ten children's zoos in the nation.  It encourages kids and families to appreciate the animal kingdom by exposing them to wild animals, farm animals, exotic birds, and more. Click on the link below to learn more about the zoo.

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

NSHS Alumni:

The North Side High School Alumni Association has been instrumental in helping us during the 50th and 55th reunions.  The Alumni Association connected us to the NSHS print shop, furnished us with classmates' contact information, arranged for a tour of NSHS, and more.  Steve Heine has joined the board and will keep us updated on upcoming NSHS Alumni events.  Below is its website.

NSHS Alumni