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James R. Griffith

James R. Griffith

JAMES R. GRIFFITH, 62, of Monroeville, died Saturday, Aug. 4, 2007. Arrangements by Zwick & Jahn Funeral Home, Jacobs Chapel, Monroeville.                        

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12/09/13 07:20 PM #1    

Leonard J. (Len) Bonner

As a very young person, I became aquainted with Jim through sports. Jim was an outstanding baseball player and overall good  guy. Joe Hagadorn, Steve Pence, and myself, spent a lot of time with Jim, and we all benefited just by being his friend. Jim would do anything for us. He was the most loyal friend I've ever had, and is greatly missed. I think of Jim often and am a much better person because of him.

"I hope you've found peace Jim"----Your friend--- Len Bonner.

12/18/13 09:04 PM #2    

Barry N. Donovan

Jim and I met as freshmen on the North Side football team. I was bussed to practice from Northwood Jr High and Griff, as everyone knew him, came from Lakeside Jr High. We became friends and got muddy and grimy on the football field and in track as we both threw the shot. Griff played basketball much better than me and we did compete against each other in freshman ball at the respective Jr Highs. After graduation, we'd meet on the softball diamond in City League ball, and we occasionally had a cold one when the occasion merited it. He had the greatest laugh of anyone i've known. He was the grill cook at Johnny's in Senior year and he is the guy who taught me to put oregano on your burger when grilling for a little different taste. One of my nephews in Ft. Wayne knew Griff and he always told me what a nice guy he was. Griff was a little wild but he was as kindhearted as anyone I knew. I know he is proud to be remembered and I hope God has him in the palm of his hand. Say "HI" to Leroy Cable for me Griff.--  Barry Donovan

12/19/13 08:06 AM #3    

Steven B Doan

Glad to read Len and Barry's comments about Griffy. Jim was my best friend in early elementary school. We lived three blocks away from each other( he on Cody, I on North Anthony) and played cards and games and baseball all the time. His younger brother Barry hung around us constantly. Jim's parents had a New York kind of accent and were decent people. Memories of playing on the same team with Jim one year in Little League (Indiana Rod and Wire), getting sick on the wild mulberries that grew on the river dike before a game, laughing so hard that we wet our pants, just hanging out from morning to night in the summer--Jim will always be a part of my best memories. Was sad to hear of his death. He was so full of life.

12/19/13 11:41 AM #4    

Les Ehrsam

My family moved to Ft. Wayne from a tiny farming community in Adams County when I was in elementary school.  It was an awkward time for me being a total “hick” adjusting to Forest Park and the big city.  Jim was the first person to take me under his wing and we became immediate friends.  We were quite the odd couple – Jim being big and athletic and me being small and not so coordinated; Jim from Yonkers, NY and me from Amish country.  We hung out a lot and did adventures like fishing at the bottom of the dam on the Maumee river ( to the horror of today’s helicopter parents), and would get into trouble together (I remember when his parents caught us using his basement as a shooting range with our BB guns taking target practice at model planes we hung from the ceiling).  Like a lot of people, we lost touch after high school as we moved on with our lives.  I was saddened to learn that he passed as I really would have liked to reconnected with him.  I will always remember Jim as my first Ft. Wayne friend when I really needed one.


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